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“As a festival programmer you are searching for awesome titles for your audience and that is what I’ve found on Hermit: Monster Killer.
A hilarious monster flick made in Sweden. With incredible special effects and a great performance by Borje Lundberg.”

Festival Programmer - Mexico

"This time, it brings with it a creature that is very hungry and very vicious. It tears up anything it can get its claws on. Once we’ve got the monster part of the film established, we move on to meet the victims, er, I mean the cast of human characters....."

Sean Leonard | Film Review: Hermit Monster Killer

Hermit: Monster Killer, a Swedish horror-comedy about a very, very, very grumpy old man vs a very, very, very hungry monster.

Chalk up another creature feature B-movie win for Sweden – Ola Paulakoski’s Hermit: Monster Killer delivers everything you could ever want in low budget, independent horror. It’s got laughs, it’s got bloody, gory kills, it’s got a crazy monster, and it’s got a rugby mascot in a gorilla suit running for his life through a forest. But most importantly, it’s got heart.

Titel: Hermit Monster Killer
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes
Subtitles: English (United States), Swedish


Ola Paulakoski


Gustaf Karlsson


Jonas Wolcher


Henrik Sjöman

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